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If you are a seasoned pro or just starting to tie your own flies, this compact design is for you. It features two magnetic trays and a waste receptacle for easy organization and to keep your work area clean. These are a limited edition design.

Due to high demand and trout season, orders will be filled as soon as possible. We currently have a 10-12 week lead time, please contact us at prior to ordering.


Dale Fogg Fly Tying Stations are handmade right here in Western Pennsylvania. This unique design was created for fly fishermen by a fly fisherman. Below are a couple samples of the detailed craftmanship demanded by the best fly tyers in the business.

• Weight: 16 lbs.
• 16”x 26”x12” with the dowels installed.
• Solid hardwood construction for a lifetime of use!
• Two small magnetic trays carved into the top to hold your hooks, beads, etc.
• Two additional small trays carved into the top to hold various small items while tying.
• 19 hardwood dowels can hold 38 spools of thread.
• Fully-integrated scrap receptacle to make clean up easy.
• Dovetailed drawers for storage.
• Works with both clamp-on and pedestal base vices.
• Storage compartments for cement, hooks, materials, etc.
• Multiple holes for a wide range of tool storage.
• Hand-finished with multiple coats of lacquer.
• Left hand version available upon request.

Order yours today prices starting at $279.

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Dovetail drawers Standard features include full dovetail drawers...


Cherry Station
The subtle grain structure and beautiful red tone of the wood makes for a furniture grade piece. This station is one of my personal favorites.